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07 Aug


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A common saying goes “Health is Wealth”, because it is the balanced state of mind & body. As soon as there is disturbance in the physical, mental & emotional levels due to imbalance in the five elements, disease occurs.As far as Vaastu is concerned it is a known fact that you and your body is governed by the place you live in. If that space is refined than it is possible that one can cure lot of diseases from home itself. Following zones are important for a good health:

North-North-East (NNE) – Health & Healing – Imbalance state can cause diseases related to cough. If this zone combines with imbalance in North East (NE) it can cause severe ailments like Paralysis, Cancer, Leukemia, Muscular Dystrophies etc.

East-South-East (ESE) – Churning – Its imbalance effects decision making power leading to increased anxiety in turn leading to Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Sugar Problems and Thyroid.

South- South- East (SSE) – Strength – This zone represents strength, power and confidence. Disturbance in this zone can lead to loss of energy in all spheres. The residents will always feel weak and will be without any zeal fire or enthusiasm.

South- South- West (SSW) – Disposal – This is the zone of disposal and if a person lives here for more than three years, he faces overall decay. It not only destroys health but also has a severe impact on the wealth also. The most prone area of the body is stomach and it may also lead to tuberculosis.

West- North- West (WNW) – Detoxification & Stress Release – In ancient times, there was a special room made for queens called as Kop Bhawan. It is a place to detoxify and release all the tensions. If this zone is imbalanced, there is a possibility of knee and joints pain.

Also remember,

  • Keeping medicines in NNE zone increases their effectiveness.
  • Kitchen in East South East increases anxiety leading to clashes and dispute and also leads to health issues like BP & diabetes.
  • Toilet in NNE leads to poor immunity. In NE toilets can cause major ailments like memory loss, neurological problems.

To sum up, Vaastu plays a very important role in one’s health and wellness.


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