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05 Aug


By: Admin

Symbols are very powerful tools of Vaastu programming and if placed in the right zone and directions can produce magical results. 


Kuberji is the lord of Wealth and if placed in the North Zone facing South direction. Place the statue of Kuberji on shelf or table to create




Sun is the governing power of the universe. It also helps one to develop relationships with influential people to enhance your business and spread name. Hang a smiling brass Sun on the East wall of your house or office at 7 Ft above the ground facing west.


Kamdhenu Cow when placed on floor in East of South East Zone removes inner conflict and helps in attracting profits from land and agriculture. It also helps in completion of projects associated with Mining & building construction.

Pair of Red galloping horses has been used for steady flow of money since ancient times. They should be placed on floor facing north. They help to convert your actions into steady flow of money through fame and recognition.

Eagle has been known for a far sightedness. When placed in the South West Zone on floor or table facing North East improves skills, ability, concentration and awareness and helps to do business more efficiently.


Sword has an ancient importance and has been used as a symbol of victory. If placed in the North West Wall ensures victory in court cases and political arena. When hung in South, the Sword ensures increased sales and ability to take quick decisions.

There are other important symbols also which have been tested to give wonderful results. If these symbols are used in the right perspective, they are bound to produce results which can help us to make our lives more healthy, wealthy and prosperous.

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