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Industrial Vastu

Vastu planning plays an extremely important role in smooth operation of an industry. Industrial Vastu planning can eliminate a number of severe problems in a factory. A sensible and intelligent application of Vastu design principles can cut breakdowns, improve productivity, and enhance efficiency.

It is a science of the place and is based on the energy generated by five key elements-the Panchmahabhoot. These five elements empower any space with peace and prosperity either individually or collectively. When the power of these great elements is harnessed in a positive way, success and good fortune follow easily.

If more and more business people became aware of the Vastu, they can build prestigious as well as prosperous organizations. 

Benefits of Positive Vastu for Industrial location

  • A Vastu planned Industrial setup promotes growth, smooth production, less attrition of employees, and good profits to expand the business to its highest potential.

  • Completion and commissioning of the project without delays and obstacles is a key result of good Vastu. It also helps to reduce costs and timely start of turnkey projects.

  • Vastu assures reasonable rewards to human efforts if Vastu precautions are observed from the time a site is selected to locate a project.

  • Five elements of nature are universal catalysts. It is both negative and positive depending on the way it is used. If it is used positively, it converts your planning and efforts to success and abundant profit. It transforms the dream of the company into reality.

  • Vastu principles are reliable parameters to assess risk and prevent failures. The company can expand and diversify successfully with the help of Vastu guidelines.

  • Proper application of Vastu principles prevents the creation of non-performing assets and provides a straight all-weather expressway to peace and prosperity.

Negative energy in an Industry/factory can cause severe problems in the following areas:

  • Accidents

  • Burglary/theft

  • Continuous losses

  • Delay in construction

  • Fire

  • Human relations

  • Accidents

  • Labor Trouble

  • Litigations

  • Loss of reputation

  • Mental health

  • Poor financial returns

  • Tension between promoters

  • Unnatural deaths in the families of the promoters

  • Wasteful, unnecessary expenditures

One merely needs to have a glance at the figures of sick industries to see how much time, effort, and money is wasted every year. Undesirable land topography, faulty placement of machinery, incorrect planning, and layout of the factory can spell disaster. The acumen of the managers and their managerial ability is beyond doubt and deserves healthy respect, but it is a matter of observation that all sick industries have serious Vastu faults.

Key Vastu Points: –

  • Elevated South, South West & West Zones increase the manufacturing capacity of the industry. There will be maximum utilization of the machine capacity. This induces Mandalakar’s streaming of energy resulting in high production and increased profits. 

  • Open spaces in North, North East & East directions ensures a long life for the business organization. It gives better business opportunities and diversified options to grow. Open space towards the East represents fame, popularity, and goodwill whereas open space in the North represents resources, cash flow, and financial gain.

  • It is auspicious to have multiple roads surrounding the plot. It increases the prosperity-generating capacity of the Company. Due to this reason, such locations are high in demand.

  • Placement of main Entrance in the auspicious Pada is always the most important aspect in Vastu planning. Entrance is a place from where the positive energy enters the space and gives its positive aura. Main entrances can be located in any direction depending upon the type of business and the personal horoscope of the owner which decides the best entry. The main entrance should be bigger than the exit door and industrial units should have multiple entries to get the best possible energy.


  • According to Vastu, the Southwest quadrant represents an earth element. All heavy structures, higher-constructed buildings, and heavy machinery should be in the southwest zone. This will create a solid foundation for the Company. 

  • Build a huge underground water tank in the northeast zone of the entire layout. It should be proportionate to the size of the premises. It enriches the company with a greater surplus of cash flow and creates more income for the business. The location of huge water strengthens the prosperity-generating capacity of the northeast.

  • Many of our industrial clients have almost started creating additional water tanks for rainwater harvesting in the northeast corner. Whenever we plan an industrial Vastu layout, our priority is a water element in the east-northeast, and north of the northeast. The overhead water tank can be planned in the South, Southwest, or West zone.

Magnetic North

  • Follow a Zero magnetic north while planning new industries. Research shows that it prevents any delay in commissioning a new venture. True north alignment is believed to give steady and positive growth to the new project.

Plot Vaxstu -Industrial Plot

According to Vastu best plots are those that are rectangular or square in shape. Such a site brings good fortune to the owner.

  • Avoid a plot with a missing corner. It can be used only if corrections are possible with the Vastu remedies.

  • Plot with extended corners other than northeast creates different kinds of Vastu defects based on its extended directions.

  • Buy plot with a road towards the north and east. It brings more prosperity to the Company.

  • Avoid plot with T junction for any business. It results in heavy losses to the owner. Business suffers from frequent obstacles. Be careful when the road has a T junction at the south and west.

  • Plot with Bad Veethi shoola (Road ending at plot) should be avoided. It is not progressive for business or industry.

  • A plot with a slope towards the northeast is an excellent choice as per Vastu.

  • Refrain from buying a plot with a slope towards the south, southwest, southeast, and northwest. It results in a downfall for the business.

  • Plot with water body at the north, east or northeast corner brings success to the business. The Flow of water should not be towards the south, south-west, or south of south-east

  • Plots having overhead high-tension wire should be avoided. As a result, it brings geopathic stress to the site.

Therefore, the space you buy requires a strong Vastu foundation.

Location of plant, building, and its impacts

  • Plot with the main structure or building in the northeast corner leaving more space in the north-west, south-west, and south-east

Effect: –Businesses sink in a short period of time.

  • Plot with the main constructed structure in the Southeast corner leaving more space in the north-west, south-west, and northeast

Effect: –Business requires lots of effort. It also gradually reduces the resources of the business.

  • A site with a main building structure in the north-West corner leaving more space in the north-east, south-west, and south-east

Effect: –Most of the business plans are on paper and never actualized due to weak cash flow.

  • Plot with main building structure in the south-west corner leaving more space in the north-west, northeast and south-east

Effect: –Business grows at a tremendous speed. It makes business popular and prosperous. The company becomes self-reliant in financial matters.

New industrial setup

Vastu has a clear-cut solution to create prosperity if Vastu principles are observed right from the inception of any construction. The purpose of industrial Vastu is to blend Vastu principles with modern architecture to achieve prosperity on a large scale.

In a new business venture, your prime aim is to generate lots of wealth, success, and goodwill. Vastu Shastra guides a businessman to create reasonable wealth, abundance, also success everywhere by utilizing natural forces. Simple and effective Vastu principles help you to flourish with prosperity, prestige, and steady growth.

Planning New Industry

  1. The shape of the Unit, missing corner, extended corner

  2. Open Space, breathing space, and encroaching space

  3. Waterbody- overhead as well as underground

  4. The flow of process- materials movement, Layout plan

  5. Brahmsthan (center of the premises)

  6. Fire stations, power zone

  7. Dispatch zone in the factory

  8. Admin Office & placement of various cubicles

  9. Raw Materials and Scrap areas

  10. Nearby surroundings

  11. Roof slopes of the factory

  12. Dry as well as wet zone

  13. True magnetic direction

  14. Level of plot

  15. Guesthouse as we as labor quarters

  16. Display of products

Defective Vaastu in Industries

  • An underground water tank or bore well in the South-east corner may put the business in RED i.e. more expenditure than income.

  • A machine or heavy store in the center of the premises indicates poor output and frequent obstacles

  • More open space in the south and west zone of the industries may receive quality complaints. This may result in the cancellation of an order or difficulties in getting a new one.

  • Any tall and heavy structure in the north direction puts heavy pressure on money resources. It creates a problem with daily cash flow.

  • A site with a hill, mountain, or overhead tank towards the north or east could not stay longer in the business. Quality will be the biggest issue in this type of establishment.

  • Avoid smaller compound walls at the southwest compared to the northeast, southeast, or northwest.

Sick Industries – Ignoring Vastu

Many industrial units or factories are built in the wrong locations even with good surrounding infrastructure. They were found violating basic Vastu principles. Unfortunately, many successful companies have experienced failures after the expansion by neglecting the divine role of Vastu. Hence, with Vastu- possibilities are enormous.

Many big ventures became sick within a short period of time. Some of these units have major Vastu faults in their constructed area or floor layout. Also, they have misunderstood the Vastu principles. A poor Vastu plan creates disharmony. It may cause differences in management, lack of clarity, and also a business depression. As a result, it will impact business negatively.

Vastu has a clear-cut solution to create prosperity if Vastu principles are observed right from the inception of any construction of a factory. The purpose of industrial Vastu is to blend Vastu principles with modern architecture to achieve prosperity on a large scale.

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