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Residential Vastu

A home is not just a house to live in. It is an extension of our mental space and a reflection of our personality.

Just as our aesthetic taste influences its design, decor, and maintenance, similarly it too influences our moods, thoughts, bio-energy, behavior, personal and social life, recognition, and professional success; in fact, each part of our life is deeply intertwined with our home.

A lot of meticulous designing, planning, and execution goes into building a home and decorating it. If the home is designed following Vastu rules and guidelines, then it will resonate with positive energy and vibrations and its occupants will be healthy, wealthy, and successful. Utilise Vastu for Home principles to improve energy flow and create a peaceful living space.

It has been noticed that the residents of buildings and apartment blocks which have been built in gross violation of Vastu principles tend to suffer from either insomnia, depression, financial difficulties, domestic unhappiness, or some sort of chronic ailment. They have also been seen to suffer from a lack of sense of security, loss of love in life, drug abuse or alcoholism, and misery.

Briefly speaking, the process of building a house follows a fixed pattern of events.

  • Identification of Land for House Building. 

  • The house design is prepared by the Vastu architect in consultation with the house owner.
    At an appropriate Muhurt, the building activity commences. Commencement of the building activity itself is a ritual that involves invoking the Spirit of the Land and the Sentinels of the Directions and making certain offerings to them. Vastu scriptures have detailed guidelines to direct the process of construction for homes, temples, public buildings, etc.

  • Once the construction is finished and the house is ready for occupation, on a suitable day the house owner and his family conduct a ceremony in the new house to consecrate the house and move in. 


  • A bedroom is a place where a person relaxes physically as well as mentally. It is a place that is either used to facilitate sleep and sex. If a bedroom is not placed in a zone that suffixes these two fundamental things, it is bound to create problems. As per Vaastu, the following zones have been differentiated as either good or bad locations for bedrooms.

  • NE, ESE, SE, SSW, WNW, and NNE zones are considered bad locations for rooms.

  • ENE, E, SSE, S, SW, WSW, W, NW, and N are good locations for rooms.

  • NNW is a zone that is especially good for bedrooms for newlywed couples as it is a zone of Sex & Attraction.

  • The bedroom in the NE zone is also not considered a good zone as it is the area/zone of clarity of mind and awakening. Hence this zone is considered good for connecting the universal mind. Hence Pooja room is recommended in this zone.

Drawing Room

  • It is a place where you connect to the outer world socially. It not only helps to improve social relations but also take care of your business relationships.

  • ENE, E, SSE, S, W, NW are considered good zones for drawing room.

  • One should avoid drawing room location in ESE, SE, SSW, WNW, NWN.

  • To be more precise the location of the drawing room depends upon the type of business and the personality of the person.

Dinning Room

  • A dining area is a place where one takes meals, enjoys our food, and has a family get-together to have some refreshing moments.

  • ESE, SSW, SW, WNW should be avoided to have dining room.

  • NNE, W, NWN, S, SSE, SE & E are considered good for dining rooms.


Location of Kitchen is very important in Vastu for home. Kitchen which has burner signifies fire element. In all our old scriptures fire has been considered very auspicious and has a major effect and role in deciding good Vastu. As per myth, only a SE kitchen is considered the best, is not at all right. Kitchen can be placed in different zones having good results.

  • NE – Kitchen in this zone can lead to serious health issues.

  • SE – Kitchen is good in this zone as it increases cash liquidity and eases blocked payment.

  • SSE – An ideal zone for kitchen.

  • South – Good zone for kitchen. Brings fame & Recognition.

  • SSW – Not Suitable for kitchen.

  • SW – Not a suitable zone for kitchen.

  • WSW – Kitchen in this zone affects savings and education. Not a good zone for kitchen.

  • West – A good zone for kitchen. Will bring Gain to the residents.

  • WNW/NW/NNW – Not good zones for the kitchen.

  • North – Hampers career growth and hence not recommended.

  • NNE – Adverse effects on health.


  • Toilets are a major area or place of concern in Vastu. If placed in the wrong zone can create a major Vastu Dosh leading to a lot of unwanted problems in life. Toilets are basically considered areas that reduce the strength of a zone, hence it is an act of disposal.

  • The best zones to have toilets are ESE, SSW & WNW. Since these zones are zones of disposal or wastage, toilets here works as a boon.

  • Toilets in NE can cause major health issues. It is strictly prohibited in this area.

  • Toilets in East will affect people in politics.

  • SW toilets leads to disturbed relationships. Not advised in this zone.

  • West toilets give a dent to your gains. Avoid toilets in this zone to have property-related issues.

  • North toilets flush money & opportunity.

  • NNE toilets lead to loss of immunity and hence ill health

Study Room

  • The most booming topic in today’s era is study-related issues of our children. Every mother/parent is worried about the same. Vastu has a definite answer to the problem. As per Vastu, WSW is a zone of study. If the study room is placed in this zone we can get the best results in terms of academics.  

  • Strictly avoid study rooms in SSW, WNW, and NNW. These zones have negative effects on the children and he will not be able to perform as per its potential.

Store Room

  • Store room represents earth element and holds an important role in vastu. In ertain zones it gives excellent results and in other zones it can restrict the overall growth of a person. Materials to be stored can be classified in three major categories…

  • Junk/items of no use – SSW, WNW zones are ideal of such type of material.

  • Useful items – SSE, S, WSW, W zones can be considered for storage.

  • Grainery – NW is considered an ideal place for store room.

  • North, NNE, NE, E should be strictly avoided for store room.

Pooja Room

  • Pooja room is considered the most pure place in any Indian household. Also the location of Pooja room has been a matter of great debate. Here is an overview as to what zones are ideal for Pooja room. 

  • One thing has to be kept in mind that Devtas or Gods should only be worshipped on Eastern wall and Gurus & Pitra on western wall.

  • NE   – Ideal for Pooja

  • ENE – Good for Pooja

  • East – Good for Politicians & bureaucrats

  • ESE  – Only for Stock Brokers

  • SE    – Pooja of Ma Durga Only

  • SSE  – Pooja of Hanumanji

  • S      – Ma Kaali Pooja. Great zone for deep Meditation.

  • SSW – Not an ideal zone for Pooja

  • SW   – Only Vishwakarma Pooja or Pitra Pooja allowed.

  • WSW – Only Saraswati Pooja is to be performed in this zone.

  • West – All Gurus & Mother Earth Pooja gives overall gains.

  • WNW – Not an ideal zone for Pooja

  • NW – Good zone for Pitra Pooja

  • NNW – Tantric Pooja can be performed in this zone.

  • North – Ideal zone for Lakshmi & Ganesh Pooja.

  • NNE – Shiv Parivar Pooja is advisable in this zone. 

A word of caution

As per vastu for home theory, avoid dark interiors at all costs. Houses that are dark and cold inside due to large trees around it, excessive vines and climbers, heavy curtains, or poor lighting become spooky and give an eerie feeling. The inhabitants feel uncomfortable, they begin to hear unnatural sounds, family members fall sick and life becomes difficult.

One should also avoid building a house close to graveyards, cremation grounds, old burial sites, hospitals, areas of genocide, jails, butcheries, within view of a cemetery, adjacent to a place of worship.

Energy Drainage and Energy Misbalance

All water outlets- whether they are in the shape of sinks, washroom outlets, storm water outlets, or outlet for water in a room as is usually found in tropical houses, are potential sources of draining out the healthy energy and prosperity of the household.


In conclusion, applying the Vastu Shastra for house concepts can aid in creating a harmonious and uplifting living environment in your home. It’s critical to note that Vastu Shastra is an arbitrary science that can change depending on a person’s beliefs and cultural practices. Consulting a certified Best Vastu Consultant can offer you individualized advice for implementing Vastu principles in your home, whether it’s a south-facing house, west-facing house, or north-facing house.

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