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A beautiful house image presenting residential vastu

A good Vastu can help you to strengthen family harmony

An image of Buildings presenting building Vastu

Most buyers are in search of Vastu-compliant houses.

Image presenting office vastu

We analyze and identify the positivity and negativity within the project and suggest solutions.

An industrial image showing Industrial Vastu

Vaastu planning can play an extremely important role in the smooth operation of an industry.


You can use various tools to learn about, practise, and benefit from Vastu principles. Their function in the home gives rise to the term “energy diverging” for many of …


Our many years of experience and the lessons we’ve learned from them are invaluable. Since the needs of each client are unique, and the layout of their homes varies, we must …


Success stories are created because of sheer hard work, commitment and tireless efforts to bring precision. We have successfully brought smiles to our clients by giving them…


Panchtatvas, or the 5 elements, namely Air, water, Fire, Earth & Space, are the basis of existence. If these tattvas are balanced, it gives radiates positivity to the entire ecosystem…


Space, the subtlest and highest element, can help restore harmony when other elements are out of balance, and Vastu techniques can help fix problems with one’s home. Choosing the right colours…


Vastu is all about balancing the energies and Panchtatvas of the space. Our motto is “No Demolition Policy”, which means no structural changes are required in the space and creating a balance…