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Balancing Elements

Panchtatvas, or the 5 elements, namely Air, water, Fire, Earth & Space, are the basis of existence. If these tattvas are balanced, it gives radiates positivity to the entire ecosystem. Vastu is realigning these panchtatvas following the designated directions to help restore cosmic energy. This helps to create a positive aura to manifest the desires.

According to Vaastu, everything in the universe is energy, and all energy is interconnected. We share a fundamental composition with our surroundings: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Since we are subject to the same Laws of Nature that govern the rest of the world, we can think of ourselves as the microcosm and the universe as the macrocosm. When the planet as a whole is damaged, we all feel the effects. If natural or human-caused environmental stresses throw any of these five elements out of whack, Mother Nature has many tools to make things right.

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