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suddip mehta
When you want something extraordinary, all of the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it provided you align with the energies. Vastu is all about synchronising with space to lead a happy & healthy life

Welcome to Aura Vaastu Consultancy

We are Ahmedabad-based leading Vastu Shastra Consultant. We serve clients worldwide and strive to develop the best and most cost-effective remedial solutions.

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what our client says

We are really very grateful that he is with us. He always gives his precious time when we need Thanks a lot for being there.



Thank you so much Suddip bhai for all the guidance and giving smallest advice possible. Ur ideas really works.Thanks for being there.

Nitin Kakwani

Nitin Kakwani

Suddip bhai… Gem of a person.. so comfortable so calm personality, and advise you can bank on.. thanks for being beside us.

Varun Yadav

Varun Yadav

Our Services


Image of Hindu marriage ritual showing vastu for marriage

Vaastu & Marriage

Vaastu plays a vital role in resolving marriage issues and delayed marriages. Vaastu faults in the following zones can delay the process of marriage
Image showing working presenting vastu business

Vaastu & Business

Vastu plays a very vital role in making a business successful. Placement of right things in the right directions can make the business run smoothly.