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Vaastu & Business

Vastu plays a very important role in making a business successful or painful. Placement of fight things in the right directions can make the business run smoothly with a lot of opportunities and good money flow. On the other hand, if the energies of particular business premises are not in correct, it may lead to wrong decisions and losses. Following are the tips which should be kept in mind to – enhance the business output.

  • Entrance – The location of the entrance make a whole lot of difference in success or failure of business. Every direction has two good entrances provided we are able to locate the exact location of the door.
  •  Owner’s Cabin – South West
  • Accounts Section – South East
  • Marketing Department – North West
  • Cashier’s Room – North
  • Pantry – South East
  • Temple – North East
  • Toilets – Between East & SE, South & South West, West & North West
  • Conference Room – East
  • Locker or Safe – South West opening in North
  • Reception – North East
  • Overhead Water Tank – South to West Keeping the above points in mind, also place the following remedies in the specified zones to get excellent results
  • Village Scene – WSW Wall
  • Kuber Statue – North Zone
  • 12 Galloping White Horses – North West Red Elephant – On Floor in South facing North



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