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The most common problem which almost all the parents face today is the academic future of their child. As per most of the parents, the choice of career of their child starts when their child is too young, let’s say 10-12 years. Also it is an established fact that today the children have a lot of distraction in their studies in form of TV, Sports and other extracurricular activities which becomes a point of stress for the parents.

As far as Vaastu is concerned, the West South West zone is considered the zone of studies & education. If the child is made to sit and study in this zone, the academic interest and activity of the child improves drastically, provided that we do not have any elements of distraction such as TV, Toys etc. in this zone.

Following zones play a vital role in education:-

WSW – Zone of studies for children aged 4 yrs. 

SW – Zone of Skill for children aged 8 yrs. 

NE – Zone of clarity for children aged 12 yrs. 

ESE – Zone of churning for children aged 16 yrs.

All these zones have to be balanced and changed for anti-activity to make sure that our children do academically well.

If your child has poor handwriting, check SW zone.

If computers are kept in the NNW zone, the child may be addicted to viewing illicit or pornographic content.

For career related studies, the child should be made to sit in the North zone facing North since North is in the zone for career and opportunity. For Higher studies which need Clarity of mind the ……should sit in the NE zone.

Analytical development of children leads to better academic performance. Putting a “Sagar Manthan” picture in ESE will help to increase the analytical power of the child.

The WSW zone is considered the most important zone. If, by any reason, the WSW zone cannot be used for studies, put a statue or picture of an ancient temple after balancing the zone to get the best results.

Vaastu can do Wonders in the career of your child, provided the energies are used and directed Judiciously.



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