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Relationships are significant in human life because relationships lead to purposeful and happy lives. To have love and a happy life, balance in relationships is required. Vaastu South West Zone represents interpersonal relations. Following zones and sub-zones are important to have cordial relations and love:

South West 

This zone controls the depth of the relations. This is the zone of relationships, marriage, family harmony, bonding, and stability in life. Disturbances in this zone, such as the presence of a toilet, severely affect family relations. You will notice that all your relations are stressed and there’s a continuous dispute in the house. Moreover, this zone also governs another area, i.e., ancestors (pitra), and relationships are believed to be bestowed by the ancestors. The presence of a bathroom in this direction may cause pitra dosh in a child’s natal chart.

South of South-West (SSW) Zone

This is the zone of waste and disposal. Creating toilets/bathrooms in this zone symbolizes ‘deliberately disposing of waste’ and strengthens your ability to ‘let go’. For building stronger relationships, it is necessary to let go of things and overlook your partner’s shortcomings. This also allows you to have an uncluttered mind, which is a prerequisite for a happy life.

North East (NE)

Since it is the clarity of mind, the expectation of the person is clear.

East of North East (ENE)

Zone of recreation and fun. It adds flavor to life.

North of North West (NNW)

For having good relations between a couple, sex & attraction is very important. This zone is responsible for these two factors.


This zone represents relaxation as it helps you to unwind. For good relationships, a stress-free mind is a must.

West North West (WNW)

This zone represents the mental balance of the person. It has to be balanced for a perfect relationship.

Few Tips:

  1. Keep Red Flowers in the South East Zone to get warmth in relations.
  2. A Family photograph in the South West strengthens love and bonding among the family members.
  3. A pair of White Horses in West North West ensures great rapport with your spouse.
  4. Keep a pair of Love Birds in the South West Zone to get a good life partner.
  5. Balance the two axis (NE to SW & SE to NW) which are the basis of happiness.
  6. For a happy marital life, clarity of thought amongst the partners is most important. This can be ensured by using blue color in the north-east direction.
  7. Fire element (kitchen) in the south-east direction helps keep the women mentally and physically stable. Use the color orange in this direction.
  8. Ensure the main bedroom is in the South or SW direction—this helps keep the man level-headed and stable.

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