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Who We Are

We are Ahmedabad-based leading Vastu Shastra Consultants. We serve clients worldwide and strive to develop the best and most cost-effective remedial solutions. With us, you will get a one-stop solution as we have a whole team of qualified Vastu Shastra Consultant, Astrologers, Interior Designers, and Architects that will help you to work out everything from layout planning to interior designing that is Vastu Compliant. So all you have to do is describe your problem to us and let the magic do its thing. Our goal is to offer our valued clients the most effective and affordable solutions possible so they can live a healthy and prosperous life. 

Aura Vaastu Consultancy provides genuine and useful Vastu Solutions to assist in creating comfortable spaces in homes and workplaces. Our USP is “No Demolition Policy” which focuses on the changes that modern architecture and interior design have brought to the methods of space usage. As a result, they have changed our lifestyles. Instead of employing Vaastu principles, the majority of contemporary homes and commercial buildings are constructed for convenience. As a result, the construction has Vaastu flaws. By offering remedial steps that decrease the flow of negative energy and increase positivity, we help in the creation of a smooth and joyful lifestyle.

We provide complete Vastu Shastra Consultant solutions from planning to completion for Industrial Houses, Factories, Residential Premises, Offices, Shops, Showrooms, Farm Houses, Townships, Institutions, etc.

Suddip Mehta - Vastu Expert


Suddip Mehta – Consultant Vaastu Expert, Astrologer & Numerologist, is a technical graduate in Pharmacy and has been practising Vastu and Numerology for the last two decades. With time, he has improvised his techniques and has been giving successful remedies for specific problems.

Suddip has invested a large part of his life in studying and imbibing the mystics of Vastu, Numerology, Astrology, and other occult sciences. Suddip has worked as a Consultant to a large number of Industrial houses, Institutions, Hospitals, Showrooms, Offices, and Residences and has been instrumental in providing consultancy to turn-key projects from planning to completion., In addition, he has been instrumental in providing remedial solutions to Sick Units and Industries with specific problems.

With the increase in stress levels and competitiveness, it has become imperative that lot of problems arise which may be physically, emotionally, or financially related, and these disturbances in life create a depressing and frustrating environment within and around us.

As an expert Vastu Shastra Consultant, he has always preferred “No Demolition Policy”, using ultra-modern tools and ways to balance the energy which has made his clients attain their goals. With the increase in the cost, it has become impossible to go ahead with any major structural changes as suggested by many vastu experts. It is the flow of energy that affects an individual. If these are corrected without demolition, our purpose of leading a happy, healthy, and prosperous life is attained.