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No Demolition Policy

Vastu is all about balancing the energies and Panchtatvas of the space. Our motto is “No Demolition Policy”, which means no structural changes are required in the space and creating a balance and harmonious environment by use of special blends of Aroma Oils, Yantra, Gemstones and various other techniques to get the desired outcome. 

As opposed to popular belief, Vaastu is not a religious practice. To put things right, this science relies solely on vibrations. The idea behind it is to reach harmony between the Panchtatvas, namely earth, fire, water, sky, and air. Modifying one’s home considerably to adapt to the principles of Vastu is only an option for some. Most people claim they are too overwhelmed or busy to make the necessary Vastu adjustments. However, this does not preclude using even the most fundamental Vastu techniques. As with any flaw in Vaastu, there is always a way to fix it. Using the same method, you can arrange the new rooms in your home or office any way you like. Vastu establishes a formula for balancing the effects of cosmic energies on the people who live or work there. Moreover, it helps establish a natural flow and balance in the space.

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