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Ultramodern Tools

You can use various tools to learn about, practise, and benefit from Vastu principles. Their function in the home gives rise to the term “energy diverging” for many of these tools. Client requirements and issues brief the availability of a wide variety of solutions. Eliminating the source of the problem and restoring harmony using the Vastu tools will increase your chances of success. With our suggestions of tools, you can bring balance to your life as it will bring harmony surrounding you.

With the present situation and modernization, it has been a concrete jungle across the globe with limited space. It has been impossible to implement the basic principles of Vastu when high-rise buildings have taken the front seat instead of individual spaces. Hence, the ways and tools of correcting space have changed with time. In olden times, the shape, slope, quality of soil, materials used in construction etc., were major factors taken into consideration for correcting Vastu defects. Still, today all these factors do matter but have become secondary tools. Today we use ultramodern techniques to balance the energies of space. Special blends of Aroma Oils, Gemstone Therapy, Metals, special Yantra and placements of 2D & 3D artefacts have been effectively used to get the results. Astrology is also a part of Vastu correction as every individual has different positive directions per his natal chart and placement of planets. Using this technique of Astro Vastu has helped us get more specific results and helped our clients achieve their life goals.

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