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Vaastu & Marriage

Vaastu plays a vital role in resolving marriage issues and delayed marriages. Vaastu laults in the following zones can delay the process of marriage:

South West (SW): The SW zone is the zone of relationships, partnerships, family, marriage and ancestors. If it is disturbed in any way, by a toilet, anti activity, anti element, it can not only delay but also spoil a perfect relationship also. Even placement of kitchen in this zone can lead to disturbed married life.

South East (SE): This zone represents fire and fire represents occurrence of any auspicious event. If this zone is having blue color, or is having a cut, it may delay a marriage.

North West Zone (NW): NW represents support system and without support, marriage cannot happen. So NW has to be healthy and activated to get the desired results.

West (W): A balanced zone helps you to have a gain in terms of healthy relationship.

North East (NE): NE represents clarity of mind. One should have this zone very clean and clutter free without any cuts because that helps the person to have a clarity, wisdom, preparation and acceptance that what kind of life partner he or she is looking for. Now to get the partner of your dreams – the one you desire or someone who appeals to you, one has to look at SW zone. Place a pair of Love Birds in the SW corner of your room to get the partner of your dreams. Also you can place a picture of Heer Ranjha (Ideal Loving Couple) can also be placed with love birds to get excellent results. The sequence as listed above has to be kept in mind to get the desired results within shortest possible time.



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